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Productions Musicales Del Sol regroups one main musical arranger, high-level instrumentalists, and teacher-musicians active within the school community.

The arranger passionately and meticulously designs the proposed exercises and pieces with the help of a wide range of recognized technological resources. The instrumentalists (piano, guitar and bass) create and record the proposed backing tracks.

All the artisans at Productions Musicales Del Sol care about being abreast of the latest technical and technological developments of their respective instruments and are regular contractual performers. Their musical experience allows them to master many different styles, from classical to popular, jazz to techno and blues. This is apparent in the musical backing tracks. They have many strings to their bow, namely pedagogy, which guides them through the elaboration of the content they propose.

In their efforts to provide adapted material, many active teachers from the school community are joining Productions Musicales Del Sol as partners in order to test the creations before they are put online, with the purpose of proposing material that is not only original, but also efficient.


Productions Musicales Del Sol was created in the hopes of offering music teachers from the school community, innovative and dynamic material, which is uplifting for students. All elements, which are available at all times via the company’s website, have been created with great attention to detail and with the intent of actively participating in the development of skills and bringing music into educational institutions.

All the actors of this project have a deep desire to create tools that will make students want to discover and play music. In addition, part of their mission is to provide teachers with materials that are simple (turnkey), nicely presented and easily adaptable to the realities of different school communities.

The exercises and pieces cover a wide range of levels of difficulty and are meant mainly for preschool and elementary school children. Also, each exercise or piece includes a quality soundtrack, recorded in studio by professional musicians.

Regular specialist teachers will find innovative and catchy arrangements that will help them put some variety in their daily planning. Eventually, substitute teachers will be able to find convenient and easy-to-find material to help them experience fine musical moments, even if they are unfamiliar with the subject matter.